Eastern WA Roadtrip Day 2

With an early start hours before the sun made its appearance I was on my way to Palouse Falls. The road that leads you through the small towns along the way were twisty with deer waiting on both sides deciding whether to jump out in front of you.


Once arriving at Palouse Falls it all was instantly worth it. The falls and gorge were revealed as the sun slowly crept above the horizon. The pounding roar of the water after its 200 ft drop was deafening. It was a rush to set up the Toyo large format camera up in time before the sun entered the scene, but narrowly beat it and got the shot that I had envisioned.



Palouse Falls


After spending some time at Palouse Falls I began the 60 mile journey to Steptoe Butte through the vast rolling hills. There was so much to see along the way, but had to maintain focus so that I would be able to catch the morning light. The climb up to the top of Steptoe Butte was an amazing sight as you began to see the expanse of the region with nothing blocking your view. Upon reaching the top I was engulfed in clouds unable to see no further than the edge of the mountain. It was a great moment of solitude as no one else was there that day. As I began my decent I was able to capture some great images to show the lengths you can see from the viewpoints.

Steptoe RoadSteptoe Butte

After man hours on the road and seeing the magnificent landscapes I began my journey to my final destination for the night, Spokane WA. While Spokane is smaller then alot of the cities I am used to there were no shortage of places to check out and do. Be sure to stay tuned for my 3rd and final day of my eastern Washington Trip. Thanks.



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