I was born in a small town in Pennsylvania, not too far from Pittsburgh, named Davidsville. It’s one of those small one streetlight towns that you can easily pass through without noticing it. Almost immediately after graduating I joined the United States Coast Guard and as I began traveling around the country my passion for photography took over. I was inspired by the greats, Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Dorthea Lange and among many other great photographers.
After leaving the United States Coast Guard I attended the Art Institute of Seattle for photography. While attending school, and in the world of photography I was surrounded by digital. It was that absence of the physical aspect that caused me to continuously fall back to film. It was the whole process of it that I love, from everything that goes into just capturing the image, to developing the film and to finally see what I captured as it dries.
I photograph landscapes and attempt to capture the beauty in each scene. I work primarily with black & white film, which by eliminating the color I can focus on the light and how it accentuates every part of the scene. There is so much beauty around us and even though I have yet to scratch the surface to these magnificent places I strive to visit and capture the beauty that surrounds us.
Josh Elchin